Installing Jasper Report Server


This is a windows installation file,  (careful, that we installed the 32 bit version)

It will contain the following


Therefore, it is a complete suite, including the application server.


The Apache tomcat failed to run as Windows Service (maybe it is 32bit, vs 64 compatibility) or windows 8 isssue.   However, you can start it through Command Line


D:\Jaspersoft\jasperreports-server-cp-5.6.1\apache-tomcat\bin\startup.bat START

This command will read configuration information about the server from SERVER.XML  located in


One interesting value is


A "Connector" represents an endpoint by which requests are received

         and responses are returned. Documentation at :

         Java HTTP Connector: /docs/config/http.html (blocking & non-blocking)

         Java AJP  Connector: /docs/config/ajp.html

         APR (HTTP/AJP) Connector: /docs/apr.html

         Define a non-SSL HTTP/1.1 Connector on port 8080


    <Connector port="8081" URIEncoding="UTF-8" protocol="HTTP/1.1"


               redirectPort="8443" />

    <!-- A "Connector" using the shared thread pool-->


    <Connector executor="tomcatThreadPool"

               port="8082" protocol="HTTP/1.1"


               redirectPort="8443" />


    <!-- Define a SSL HTTP/1.1 Connector on port 8443

         This connector uses the JSSE configuration, when using APR, the

         connector should be using the OpenSSL style configuration

         described in the APR documentation -->





To launch the adminpage of Jasper  Report Server




The username and the password are as highlighted below (jasperadmin)


Note: We immediately ran Into java memory problem PERMGEN


One quick fix could be


Modifying the file  CATALINA.XML located at




And adding the following JAVA options parameter


set JAVA_OPTS="-Djava.awt.headless=true -Dfile.encoding=UTF-8 -server -Xms1536m -Xmx1536m -XX:NewSize=256m -

XX:MaxNewSize=256m -XX:PermSize=512m -XX:MaxPermSize=1536m -XX:+DisableExplicitGC"





You are installing a new database and a new application server.

I would be nice to install the report server objects on to WLS  or  Glassfish as these are the application servers we currently use

                Note:  we read on the net that Oracle is not supported as a repository for Jasper report server.