Oracle Tips         By   Ammar Sajdi

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Populating  XML data into ADF  ViewObject   Oct 11, 2017

Getting Ref of the View Object referenced by the current Iterator binding for One iterator page without knowing the name of the iterator    June 30.2017


Playing with ADF binding container    june 28,2017



Running and installing Jasper Reports   dec  30, 2014


Extract  Node name from an  XML Document   June  3, 2013


How to answer any question in the world?


Caching Query Results     Dec  26, 2011

Oracle External Tables practical usage

Using Groovy expression to calculate summary column in a master recrod - ADF  Nov, 2011

Filtering ADF page row based on loggon user  Nov, 2011

Using Oracle Logminer to read contents of REDO LOG files  Oct 11, 2011

INSERT SQL with Append Hint  OCT 11, 2011

Searching within strings efficiently using Oracle Text option   Sept 12, ADF cheat sheet   July 26, 2011

opening the database with corrupted redo log   April 12


Dumping Table data as XML  nov 26, 2010

Grinder Web Stress test    nov, 4, 2010

My  Security Policy is bypassed???   Sept 28, 2010

solving memory problem when starting Weblogic Server to run Oracle SOA suite   Sept 9, 2010, or Ramadan 30th, 1431 H

Publishing PLSQL package as a WEB SERVICE using Oracle Jdeveloper 10g     Aug 16, 2010

execute query is performed twice when Iterator caching is set to FALSE  (ADF)  Feb 5th, 2010

Adding JSF components to a page dynamically     Jan 5, 2010


Jdeveloper 11g  deployment problem   Dec 20/2009

finding DAD attribute in for Embedded Plsqls gateway   Nov , 27, 2009

Validating XML file against  Xml Schema Document  (XSD) in Oracle PL/SQL   Aug,10, 09

Project Guide for Oracle RAC Implementation   Aug, 3rd , 2009 

Feature Difference between Oracle Enterprise Edition and other Editions  Aug 2, 2009

report builder String Index out of range problem  Aug 2, 2009

All you need to know about temporary Segments and temporary tablespaces    July 27,2009

remote debugging July 17, 2009

Steps to Force Oracle Portal login page after Logout    July 5, 2009

Using Oracle Cache as a proxy (Reverse) to allow configuring port 80 and access applications server internally at different ports   may 3, 2009

change the port at which oracle OC4J ( )application run May 1st, 09

Generate DDL scripts automatically using dbms_metadata  apr 15,2009


flush buffers     March 19, 2009

Oracle Forms Pluggable Java Beans (PJB)  Examples  21, Feb, 2009

Using WebUtil File transfer utility to copy files from Client to Server  20 Feb, 09

configuring WebUtil 1.06   Feb 20,09

Fundamentals of Software Testing

compile oracle forms and reports in batch mode      jan 5,09

ADF Navigation tree drill down example     Jan 3rd , 2009

ADF Dynamically Render Command button is response to a combo box (SelectOneChoice)    January 1, 2009


ADF BC sequence no generations scenarios

handling missing mandatory values in ADF BC  using jdeveloper

customizing Errors in Oracle ADF using Jdeveloper    Dec 28,2008

showing complete error when facing Internal Error 500   Dec 18,2008

Passing Arabic Data from a Java Web Page to another Java Web Page, or To an Oracle Reports that accepts Arabic Data as Parameters Dec 17, 2008

changing Port numbers  Nov 15, 2008

NO_TRIGGER hint     Oct 18, 2008

Web_UTIL  simple example and configuration   Oct 17, 2008

validating and XML file against DTD using PLS/SQL   sept 20th, 2008

Finding the O/S process id that is running your oracle processes (SID)    Sept 6th, 2008

Using Oracle plsql to read master/detail XML data      Sept 5, 2008   Friday, Ramadan (5)  3:30 PM

Using Oracle OLAP with Oracle BI EE  10g Rel 3

Monitoring ETL statement with large DML operations   sept 4, 2008

Wait Events           Apr 11. 2008

manually run ADDM reports for tuning purposes      Apr 11, 2008  

Starting Oracle Listener Tracing     march 25, 2008

Using RMAN to take a simple offline backup      march 15 , 2008

Change Data Catpure CDC , capture changes on the source without database triggers  march 8. 2008

Enabling constraints even when existing data violates the constraint   march 6, 2008

Producing HTML output directly from SQL*Plus  march 5, 2005


Using Java Logging     16/10/2007

Conditional compilation in PL/SQL   enable tracing conditionally      11/7/2007

FTP transfer from within ORACLE PL/SQL -- excellent and handy example   JUNE 22, 2007

DBMS_TRANSFER_FILE     june 22, 2007

 Running O/S  command  from PL/SQL    June 22, 2007

ETL and Oracle ERROR LOGs  for DML statements , new feature in 10g Rel 2   June 17th, 2007

Finding the exact version of the installed Oracle Server components    Jun 4th , 2007

Calendar in SQL*Plus   May 30, 2007

finding Query bind variable values 10g    May 3rd, 2007

Deleting Operating System files Using SQL or PL/SQL  May 3rd , 2007

increasing memory allocation size (or any other java parameter for that matter) in IAS 10.1.3   May 3rd, 2007

Flushing data buffers   Arpil 10, 2007

Oracle imags and Arabic  Arpil 7, 2007

Changing Oracle database character set

using Oracle Row Level Security (DBMS_RLS)   march 13 , 2007

Eliminating  duplicate records from a query set which have same ROWID  (march 31 2007)

Running Oracle Data minor under linux


Using Java API to subclass an object library using JAVA (without opening the FMB)  Nov 21, 06

Configuring Embedded PL/SQL Gateway without Apache HTTP

Writing to Oracle Trace.log files   Sept 27, 2006

Undocumented Init.ora  Added  Sept 16, 2006

Using Java Pluggable components in Oracle forms applications   Add Sept 6, 2006

Configuring  OCS smtp , pop ports  Added July 18 , 2006

Oracle and IBM AIX 5.2  swapping and memory issues  May 14, 2006

Learn about Oracle Profiler  -- excellent performance monitor for PL/SQL routines    added  April 18th , 2006

FTP from PL/SQL     added  April 18th , 2006

Monitoring Users activities (Fine Grain Auditing DBMS_FGA)  Added April 4th , 2006

error starting Oracle XMLpublisher  (actually it is an OC4J 10.1.3 error) ERROR Failed to set the internal configuration of the OC4J JMS Server

Monitory and Auditing User Activity  added April 4th , 2006

Controlling the name of TRACE files  Added  March 31, 2006

Generating XML content from Relational Table   Added April 1st 2006

Using DBMS_XPLAN to to display Oracle PLAN TABLE explanation   Added  Jan 17, 2006

Portal Error


{2004 , 2005}


Oracle Stored  procedures JAVA

Fine Grain Auditing -- Interesting and Easy to Use Feature  added on Jan 30, 04

Oracle Heterogeneous Database Generic connectivity  added on  Feb 21. 04

Dynamic Reports added April 4, 04

Sending email alerts from Database Trigger  added  July  27th 2005

Analytical Functions   added july 30th  2005

Converting a comma separated string into a tabular list    added August 4th 2005

Knowing the Operating System your oracle instance is installed on     added August 4th 2005

Oracle Table Functions - an excellent feature               added August 7th  2005  

Master Detail report in one SQL Statement -- cool       added August 8th 2005

Auditing DML Statement Issued from SQLPlus Prompt   added Oct, 2005

Finding Clients IP address and Hostname

Connecting To Oracle Database though JAVA class (JDBC)    add Oct , 2005

Using JAVA API to create Oracle FORM.FMB      added  Dec , 2005