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Traverse XML doc


INSERT SQL with Append hint

ADF Dynamically Render Command button is response to a combo box (SelectOneChoice)   

ADF BC sequence no generations scenarios

handling missing mandatory values in ADF BC  using jdeveloper

customizing Errors in Oracle ADF using Jdeveloper    Dec 28,2008

showing complete error when facing Internal Error 500   Dec 18,2008


Validating and XML File against PLSQL

Finding the OS process id running your oracle session

Reading Master/detail XML data using Oracle PLSQL


Oracle Answers BI EE with Oracle OLAP


Monitoring ETL with DML operations (new)


manual ADDM report

Starting Oracle Listener Tracing

Offline oracle backup using RMAN

Change Data Capture (CDC), ETL enhancement


Enabling constraint even if existing data violates the constraint




writing to OS file UTL_FILE

Java Logging




FTP from within PL/SQL


Running O/S command from within PL/SQL


ETL and DML error logging


Finding Oracle version of installed database server

SQL*Plus Calendar


flushing Oracle buffers

Oracle and Arabic


Changing Oracle character set to arabic


Too Much data and not enough information, Oracle Data mining solution.


My New Watch

I am too excited


I fell in love with my new SONY notebook - A Stylish support for business and Beyond





Emirates Palace -- Extravagant bonanza


The Pampered Generation

Congratulations for all of us born in 1930's,40's,50's,60's and 70's


Oracle Open world

Oracle 2006 Open World conference, technical papers are online

The Invisible Neutral World


Neutral is Love in Religion,


Zero or Infinity in Mathematics,


the Moral Laws in human society,


the Natural Laws in Nature.


The Invisible Neutral World is home of the Divine Creational Energies,

It is the force behind making everything a success. The Neutral World is

the Energy World of the Creature.

Neutral forces Love everything equally, respects all existence. I

t is the great force to guide all things smoothly and naturally. I

t is never at rest. It just proceeds toward what is necessary according

to the perfect model order for the sake of stability of existence.

Don't miss the entire article



Extract  Node name from an  XML Document   June  3, 2012


writing to OS file UTL_FILE   Feb 26, 2008


Using Oracle Row Level Security (DBMS_RLS)   March31 2007


eliminating duplicate rows from a query set which have same ROWID

 March 31, 2007

Running Oracle Data minor under linux    March 10, 2007

Attaching object library to an fmb Form using Java (without opening the form)

Sept, 13, 2006

Lean Software development, can it be applied in Jordan - Sept 11, 2006

Dimensional Modeling in Business intelligence Environment, an IBM RedBook.

Configuring Embedded PL/SQL Gateway without Apache HTTP   Sept 29, 2006

Writing your own message to ORACLE Alert.log    Sept 27, 2006

undocumented init.ora

Using Java Pluggable beans on Oracle Forms Application    Sept 6, 2006

This article was a result of modifying some Form interface component for the Dubai

 police Team of developer

Configuring  OCS smtp , pop ports

Oracle and IBM AIX 5.2  swapping and memory issues

Monitory and Auditing User Activity  added April 4th , 2006

Generating XML content from Relational Table  Added April 1st 2006

Identifying TRACE FILES  for tracing SQL statement    added  Mar 31, 2006

Readable Display of Oracle Explain Plan using DBMS_XPLAN

Using JAVA API to Create Oracle Form.fmb  this is a good one, to replace Forms builder using non GUI interface  (discussed during CIS course in  Lebanon - Tony Gemayel)   added  DEC   2005

Connecting To Oracle Database from within JAVA (JDBC example) oct 2005

 Finding the Client IP and Host Name

How to Audit INSERT Statement from SQLPlus Prompt  Oct, 2005

Check out how to send email from PL/SQL   30/7/2005

Converting a comma separated string to a tabular list using  DBMS_UTILITY.comma_to_table         4/08/2005

This Oracle tip is good     8/8/05

And many more


BRAIN works


Download this brain test;  it is not an IQ test, there is no right or wrong answer, it just analyzes what factors affect the way you think. 



  Click on the image to download (Approx  420 KB)


My mind Totally Visual

Analysis   Part 1 

              Part 2



My students


The following distinguished students worked with me on their graduating projects:

Ola, Sana'a and Jinan                  -- Electronic Voting system using Smart-Card technology 

Sirien ratrout and Shireen Oudeh -- Access Control and time attendance system for university campus 

                                                    -- GIS interface to Oracle spatial engine  

Nancy Al-Ajarmeh and Rana talal Al-Ashhab  -- IVR for an Oracle based registration system


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