Name Ammar W. Sajdi (Should not come as a surprise)
Horoscope LEO
Blood Type B+
PLACE of Birth Nablus
Color of Eyes Brown
Weight at Birth 4 KG
Weight as of 1/7/03 90 KG
Current height 191 cm   6 foot 4 inches

Mobile 079-6950000

Postal Address

POBOX 17187 Amman ,  11195 - Jordan

Mother Name Amal Jardaneh
Marital Status Married to a beautiful JUMANA SAKET, Scorpio, 176 cm
Legitimate Children None
Current Position

Palestine Engineering Co. PALCO    , Executive Manager

RealSoft Advanced Applications RealSoft General Manager


Elementary and Secondary Education:

  • Iben Qutieba Public School - Nablus   - Public school , but gave me decent education

  •  National Orthodox School - Amman 

College Education:

  • MS in Electrical Engineering - Digital Communication. Jordan University, 1990  Maters Thesis: "Frequency Hopping Spread Spectrum Analysis Under Partial  Band Jamming".



Wealth of knowledge in Oracle Database and Development tools since 1990. Started working with Oracle V4 and Oracle forms V2.0.

Locally and regionally accredited Oracle expert.

Long Experience as an Oracle Consultant, development architect , Trainer and lecturer both locally and regionally.

Presented Paper is various conferences all over the world 

Written 2 Books on Oracle Froms9i and Oracle Reports9i

Knowledge spans the following areas

  • Database Administration up to Oracle9i
  • Database and Application Tuning up to Oracle9i
  • Back up and recovery strategies
  • High availability and disaster recovery Oracle based configuration
  • Business Intelligence and Data warehousing
  • Network and Web Security
  • Data Modeling
  • Database Design
  • Arabization and localization
  • Oracle Custom Development Method (CDM)

Oracle Certified Professional , OCP Developer Track, 1999

Oracle Certified Professional, OCP Administrator Track, 1999

Oracle Certificate of Mastery (Administration) - The Chauncey Group, 1996


In Computer Engineering:

Designing and Building Microprocessor and Micro-controller based control system. Experience in Interfacing Low voltage, Low current, digital computer systems to noisy high voltage, high current external devices, using Darlington pairs transistors, Opto-Isolators etc..  Gained a wide experience in the area of Electro-Morganatic Interference (EMI). 

Studied and implemented project using different Assembly languages:-

  • Intel 8080,

  • Zilog Z80

  • Intel ,8085 and 8086,

  • Rockwell 6502

  • Motorola 68000

Together with many Engineers at PALCO (Credit goes to Radwan Abu Tabaneh, Lead architect and project manager), we designed a first class Elevator control system based on the 87C51 micocontroller series. The Project started back in 1995 and took us around 3 year of hard work and sleepless nights to complete. The product is now mature. We received a Patent (Bara2t Ikhtira3) from the Ministry of Trade and Industry. The product managed to get the First Prize when it was presented at the Exhibition of Arab Inventors.(2000, Damascus) .

The product is called Universal Intelligent Controller (UIC), and it is now a commercial product that managed to capture around 70% of the Jordanian Market. We also sold some quantities in regional markets like Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates and Syria.

In Computer Science

Basically, anything related to ORACLE, I started my career in 1990, worked for CEB for 5 years. Then started my own business doing Oracle Consulting, Oracle Education and Application Development. I Wrote several papers and books and attended several conferences:

Operating System 

I used the following Operating System/ Platforms

  •                                      IBM RS/6000  AIX (UNIX flavor)

  •                                      Novell Netware

  •                                      SCO-UNIX  (Unix Flavor)

  •                                      SCO-XENIX (Unix Flavor)

  •                                      SUN Solaris (Unix Flavor)

  •                                      DG AVIION (Unix Flavor)

  •                                      DG AOS/VS

  •                                      HP 9000 (Unix Flavor)

  •                                      Silicon Graphics (Unix Flavor)

  •                                      HP 3000

  •                                      DEC ALPHA

  •                                      VAX VMS/ Ultix

  •                                    Digital Alpha (OSF1/ Digital Unix)

NOTE: Compaq acquired Digital a few years back, Then HP acquired Compaq




Presented a paper at International Oracle User Group (IOUG) held at San Francisco, California  in 1994 Proceedings entitled:

                             All about Images in FORMS 4.0

Attended IOUG in Phelidelphia back in 1995, but did not contribute with any papers

Presented a paper at the European Oracle User Group (EOUG)  1996, Amsterdam.  The paper is entitled

                     FORMS 4.5 Tips and Techniques   ZIP  file

 Submitted  and presented two papers this year at Oracle Middle East user group in Dubai (at Gitex) on Nov. 5th , 1996 Topic are: -

   All you need to know about Oracle National Language Support.

            Optimizing SQL for better performance

Published a paper for EOUG in Vienna, April, 97 titled

 Oracle7 Packages (Alerts, Pipes, etc)

Presented a paper for MOUG in Dubai, Oct, 98

  Exploring Oracle7 Packages

Forms5 Advanced Techniques

Privileged to have Attended "The World Economic Forum"  in 2000 in Davos, Switzerland, as part of a IT delegation accompanying King Abdullah II of Jordan  visit to the forum 

I wrote Oracle SQL Training Material, PL/SQL training Material, Oracle DBA, Oracle FORMS 4.5, FORMS 5, and recently Oracle Forms 9i and Oracle Reports 9i

I also have many unpublished papers that I will include in the DOWNLOAD Section shortly, please visit regularly  

Countries Visited Arab World
Syria >20
Kuwait 1+1
Qatar 2
Bahrain >10
Dubai 37 and cannot count
Abu-Dhabi 20 and cannot count
Muscat 15
Sudan >7 <10
Libya 6
Yemen >5 < 10
Saudi Arabia 4
Egypt 5, three of which to Sharm El-Shiekh
Tunis Once, 2005
Lebanon Three times only

Never been to Iraq, Morocco or Algeria

Foreign countries

Singapore 2
Malaysia 1
Thailand 1
Italy 5
Germany 9
France 2
England  >10
Greece 3
Turkey 2
Switzerland 2
Holland 5
USA Four long years
Denmark 1
Cyprus 4

Mars maybe


Mother Amal Jardaneh
Color BLUE
Number 7
Age 23
Mental Exercise Visualization
General Magazine Elector, Scientific America
Computer Magazine Oracle Magazine
Season Winter
Cuisine  Indian, Chinese, Italian (In order)
Steaks Pepper Steak - medium cooked
Single food stuff I like Spinach 
Best Restaurant 

Crab house - Dubai Grand Hyatt

Traders Vicks - Abu Dhabi

Indoshine - Amman Grand Hyatt

Al-huawara & Tanooreen - Amman 

Home food Mulukhia, Dajaj Mahshee, BBQ directly from the Butchery 
Best of the worst Muntakhab al-Aseer - after my application is accepted
Hour of the day 30 minutes before sunset
Ideal height for men 194 cm
Natural phenomenon Black Hole
Software Still Snagit until further notice ,, coming soon
Movies Rain man, You 've got mail, witness, cast away
City Paris, Istanbul, Munchen-Germany, Parts of Chicago (Lake shore drive)
Friends  They come and go, but names that are in my mind now are:

Ammar Sajdi

Eyad Masri

Maen Suheimat

Samer Abu-Hijleh

Fadi Khairi

Samer Karadsheh

Khalid Al-Assad

Omar Kurdi

Foteh Telil

Raja'i Yaghnam

Lutfi Al-sayegh

Omar Najjar

Khaldoun Abdul Hadi

Naser Anabtawi

Refat Ya'eesh

Eyad Mikawi

Mutaz Sajdi 

Louai Sayegh - A friend  we lost

Some of My Books

Watch TAG, and my new TED LAPIDUS present. Baume & Merciers
When a watch looks most beautiful Ten minutes past ten. Note when you look at watches on SALE, mostly they are set at 10:10
 Pills  Actifed with anti-histamine, Panadol
Drink Fresh Carrot Juice, Orange, Kiwi
Water Nile Water directly from the NILE in Sudan
Fruit  APPLES, Figs, Grapes, Red melon (when good) 
Local Newspaper Al-Dastour
Radio Station Monte Carlo
Car The Ultimate Driving Machine BMW
Actors Jack Nickelson, Tom Hanks, Woody Allen
Actress Meg Ryan in the lead, however, competitions in horizon such as Jennifer Aniston   
Perfumes - Women Still  Light blue  -Dolce and Gabbana
Perfumes - Men Dunhill, Polo 
Cloths Boss (No competition), Tommy & Hilfiger
Best Suite I have Versace Classic V2, Daniel Hechter
Best pair of shoes Bally, but recently stolen from a mosque yard
Amazing Scientists Einstein,John Bardeen, Shrodenger, Max Plank, Fermi, Laplace, Fourier and the father of all NEWTON
Living Scientists  
Amazing concept Timespace
Contemporary Arab Writers and Poets  
Classical Arab Writers and Poets  




Languages: The Arabic Language (with Passion)


                      Italian  (took two courses and practiced it during several visits)

                      French (I failed the French class i took at school )

Married       To a beautiful Jumana

Legitimate Children: None


Current Title

Palestine Engineering Co. PALCO    , Executive Manager

RealSoft Advanced Applications RealSoft General Manager


Email address:


Mobile 079-6950000

Postal Address

POBOX 17187 Amman ,  11195 - Jordan





Several hobbies, but  my interests in such hobbies swing according to my mood.

Reading, probably comes first, not fond of the act of  reading, but it is that strange feeling that overwhelms me when I attain knowledge, Reading is the first and foremost tool for getting such knowledge.

I swim, I walk, I Listen to music and I appreciate the beauty of mother nature. I get fascinated by the mighty power of winds, storms, clouds formation, etc.. and as such I track weather changes and weather forecast. I therefore developed some skills in weather forecasting.

Walking by the sea side on a windy (and rainy) day 

Whom do I like

I like people who are different, not in the way they look, but in the way they think, act , speak and behave. 

I like witty answers, unexpected dialogues etc... 

I also highly regard intellectual personalities

Countries I have Visited

Modern Poets:  Selected pieces for Nizar Qabani

Classical Poets: Fascinated by many like Abu-Alala-Alma'ari, Almutanabi, Ibn-Zaidoon

Writers: Taha Hussein 

Arab Singers -- Um Khalthum, a couple of songs for Elisa 

Foreign Singers and songs : 

   Queen :The Show must go on , I am going slightly mad ,Bohemian Rhapsody

   Phil Collins - Groovy Kind of love, true colors, take me home, In the Air tonight

   Fleetwood Mac - When I see you again, Tango in the night

   Alanis - uninvited

   Bee Gees -